Wits and FEED SA – My Sandwich Project


My name is Cindy Gottschalk and at every intersection , robot and stop sign I have been confronted with beggars pleading for food or money ,  as a teenage girl I’m not sure how i can give back to them? Do I open my window to  these people and give them money? Or how do I know  the money will not be used  for drugs ?

That is the reason why i contacted Feed SA , one of the most inspirational and reliable organizations  i know  To help me put ” My Sandwich Project ” into action .

Joanne Tooch helped put me into contact with The boys and Girls Club an Organisation under Feed SA .

” My Sandwich Project ”  is an initiative made where I can show and teach people that it really is easy to give back to society !

50  first year Bachlors of Accounting students from the University of Johannesburg helped me make 250 Sandwiches last Friday !

I would like to publicly thank :

The Broad Acres Spar where the manager Jethro donated 25 peanut butters .

The Sandringham Spar where the manager Ari donated all the  loaves of bread .

The Dowerglen Spar where the manager Max donated the fizzas .

All you need is these simple ingredients to make your very own “My Sandwich Project ” :

1) Peanut butter
2) Jam
3) Ziplocks
4) Fizzas
5) An awesome group of people !
6) A needy Destination for the sandwiches


Cindy Gottschalk

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