FEED SA joined in the celebration of Mandela Day, in honour of Mandela’s Birthday and all the joy, peace and love he has given and taught our country… we started off at Phutaditjaba Community Centre in Alexandra Township, with the handing out of blankets, lunch boxes, clothes and food to the vulnerable citizens – from the children, to the elderly and the bed ridden.

With the wonderful and generous assistance of our amazing sponsors, who included Round Table, Blue Label, Amrod and the Sandton Shul, we managed to put a smile on many faces, and warm many hearts (and bodies) !!

We also visited the home of an amazing bed ridden woman, Esther, who has Elephantitis, where we delivered food and blankets to her… Her overwhelming response and gratitude was an honour to witness.

The day was spent in much laughter, joy, appreciation, respect and GIVING !!

We continue to feed bodies, minds and souls wherever and whenever we possibly can.

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