FEED SA and DIGITAL PLANET – play Survivor!


Another huge thanks to Digital Planet and ALL the staff, who have managed to raise money and tons of food for FEED SA in their “FEED SA Survivor” team building event…

Staff was divided into teams, whereby each team had a different challenge to raise money and tinned food for FEED SA.

The results were FANTASTIC and we are extremely grateful for all the items and money collected.

The FINAL phase was held at their offices where tons of excitement and enjoyment prevailed, as well as a delicious breakfast served thereafter…

WELL DONE to Andy Kramer and her winning team, even though EVERY ONE was a winner in our eyes.

This was a fun and adventurous project for all involved, and we look forward to many more exciting and creative, and of course SUCCESSFUL events in the future.

Here’s to Digital Planet for helping us feed hearts, minds and tummies…


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