Gauteng Baobab Early Childhood Training Programme is an organization that has been established in order to provide accredited early childhood training for child minders and care givers in the communities. The facilitators are accredited assessors and are included on the EDTP SETA (Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority) data base.

Many employed child-minders and care-givers in both Soweto and the Alexandra communities, want to establish best practice in the way that they teach children.

These teachers do not have the financial means or even the appropriate educational levels to go to professional colleges or Universities. BAOBAB will be providing this training to the Preschool teachers who are supported by FEED SA at a very minimal cost to the learners. All lectures, educational teaching material , stationery and emotional support will be provided for by BAOBAB. The weekly transporting of the learners to King David Linksfield will be sponsored by FEED SA .

At the end of the training course the learners will receive an NQF level 1 accreditation. The mission statement for BAOBAB is to empower care-givers and child-minders to advance their teaching skills, as foundation learning for all children and to foster commitment for future education and training.

BAOBAB and King David Linksfield (PPS) together with FEED SA are going to lead our teachers to a brighter educated future for our special South African children.

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