Watch THIS space as we transform THIS place.

FEED SA is proud to announce their 3rd building/renovation this year !

Tshepang Day Care is under construction… as usual, we are doing as best we can, WHEREVER we can…. at least our kiddies are getting TOILETS too – will keep you updated as we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies.


Huge thanks to Levi’s Strauss and Co. who so generously and kindly donated their time, their skills and their joy.. in creating a food garden for one of our primary schools in the West Rand ! FRESH and YUMMY veges soon to be grown for soup in the Winter time !! As we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies …

OH OMELETTES – what a delicious treat…

HUGE thanks to Chill Foods who donated omelettes, French toast and other delicious and nutritious food to FEED SA.  This was received as such a treat to our Primary School students at Inkenkwezi  School in Soweto.

Many of these students rely solely on the meals they eat at school, so as usual, FEED SA is doing their best to keep on feeding hearts, minds and tummies…

Terrific Tuesday at Tshepang Day Care!

A fun and creative morning was had by all, thanks to the Black Sugar girls who visited Tshepang with us, played games, danced – and spoiled our nunu’s with LOVE, sweets and happiness.

The kids were thrilled and had such a great morning –  laughing and playing with us all.

Movement, activities for fine motor skills and cognitive development, as well as music and dance were the highlights of the day !

THANKS GIRLS… it’s fun to just have fun !

As we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies…


Our delivery of caps and t-shirts to Sithandiwe, home for the physically and mentally challenged was an exciting visit !! As per usual, our AMAZING ladies were playing with the kids, (some not so happy to be having their hair done  ha ha) and all was as it should be.. SO MUCH LOVE and HAPPINESS exudes from this place !!!  WE LOVE YOU  x x x