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Another visit to Ivory Park today, to assess how the building is progressing… and what a surprise ! Classroom painted in colours and tiled, kitchen tiling coming along , burglar bars and more. YAY YAY YAY.. watch this space as we continue feed hearts, minds and tummies….

AMAZING ECL training…


AMAZING ECL training… letters of thanks from our teachers who attended…

Thank you to Janet Goldblatt and Marianne Franke, whose workshop in ECL training was an absolute treat and had such a huge impact on our ladies who attended. This work reaches further than just the teachers. It reaches the WHOLE Community. Very powerful stuff !  To learn more about ECL please visit: www.eclfoundation.org



THIS is what we love to see when we do our “surprise visits” … our Teachers and kids doing amazing activities, the classrooms all set up as per our Teacher training, and all is in order – as it should be.  FEED SA is extremely proud of and happy with all our Soweto crèches … as we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies… x x x



Huge thanks to Trinity College, who not only made sandwiches as per usual for our kiddies at Inkenkwesi School in Soweto, but also handed out delicious marshmallow Easter eggs to our little angels!


Come rain or shine…. Building progress at Ivory Park.


FEED SA is extremely pleased with the building progress at Ivory Park, our first OWN little Community Centre.

Witnessing the progress and watching it come into being has been such fun, and we are very proud and excited to be able to implement this amazing building project –  Come rain or shine, we do not waste our time – as we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies.



A HUGE congratulations to the Dis-chem Foundation, who have launched their fabulous, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden yesterday.

Fresh veges first hand for our amazing beneficiaries, who were thrilled to receive this fresh produce.

The vegetable garden looks absolutely gorgeous, with flowers, veges, greenery and all.

What an amazing project that will not only feed those in need, but also create jobs for the farming of the produce.

An all round WIN for all !!  WELL DONE Dis-Chem and thanks for sharing with FEED SA …

LEGO Crazy…


Huge thanks to Lego and their amazing lego training held at the offices on Friday.

We AND our teachers had such fun learning what a huge impact ALL the different ways to play lego has on teaching skills and for the children.

Way to Go.. LEGO – and thank you for the amazing donation!



A Sandwich a Week… Hmm… Rather Bleak


…but a sandwich a DAY would keep hunger at bay…

FEED SA felt blessed yesterday, when we went to hand out sandwiches to Inkenkwesi Primary School in Soweto.

Bombarded with love and hugs, our day was made even better when we were able to treat these kiddies to a sandwich!

Thanks to Trinity College students, these children are given a sandwich every week… and we handed them out yesterday whilst visiting.

We would like to say HERE’S A SANDWICH EVERY DAY !!!

Please be so kind as to make a donation and help us feed hearts, minds and tummies…

The children at this particular school are from the poorer areas, and are not guaranteed a meal every day.  FEED SA would like to raise enough funds to feed these kids at least ONE nutritious meal on a daily basis..

Remember we add to your BEE scores AND we issue section 18A’s….

Stand and Deliver


IT’S HARD TO STAND AND DELIVER… especially when you have nowhere to sit!

Finally, the students at our West Rand School have chairs on which to sit… NO MORE STANDING ALL DAY behind their desks… FEED SA has uplifted these students, bringing comfort, relief and an easier way to get through the day – by delivering 260 chairs!

Huge thanks to the awesome choir who serenaded us before the handover – what a treat!

As we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies….



FEED SA would like to thank ALL of you who kindly and generously donated toward the Christmas hampers in December.

As you can see, we managed to raise enough funds for TRUCK LOADS of hampers to be delivered to the elderly citizens and orphaned children… who so graciously received them with joy and happiness.

That is what it’s all about… feeding HEARTS, minds AND tummies !!!

Thank you SO MUCH for contributing towards many a happy heart and tummy !!

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