Blue Strata has generously funded the building of AREA GANENG – one of our crèches in Alexandra Township

Area Ganeng is run by an amazing and brilliant woman named Rebecca, and her dream was to have separate classrooms so as to split the children attending the crèche into their appropriate age groups.

She also wanted to build toilets, allowing the children privacy and space to do their private business !!

After many meetings and presentations, FEED SA is ecstatic to announce that this project has been funded by Blue Strata – a Johannesburg based company, who has taken on Area Ganeng as their charity of choice, as well as for the monthly feeding scheme.

With the wonderful and QUICK work of Plumbers on Call, Area Ganeng has been rebuilt – according to Rebecca’s dream !!!!

We have been able to add on 2 more class rooms, as well as an office and 6 toilets, with basins AND one bath !!

The outside area will now have jungle gyms and space on which the children can run, play and ride !!

This has been an extremely exciting project and we are thrilled that we were able to complete this.

A HUGE thanks to Adam Orlin and the team at Blue Strata as well as Jarid Levin at Plumbers On Call..

Thank you for helping us make their dream a reality….. and for helping us to continue to feed bodies, minds and souls ……..



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