A beautiful letter of thanks from Father Fano’s feeding scheme

We have received a beautiful e-mail message from Father Fano. We are always happy to help!

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From: fngcobo @ webmail.co.za [mailto:fngcobo @ webmail.co.za] Sent: 18 November 2010 01:21 PM
To: FEED SA, Candice Etberg
Subject: A Thank You Message.

Director, FEED SA.  Staff,  – a big thank you!

On behalf of the Ngcobo Community Food Kitchen (Bardale, Capetown), I should like to relay my big thank you to Feed SA for making it possible for us to feed nutritious meal to 200 kids on a daily basis. Indeed, one can see smiles on the face of these kids and, what a huge difference your contribution is making despite your being very far from us. Above all, I really should commend you for your swift response to the plight of the kids when I spoke of the situation down here. I also know that we just came out of the blue, helping disorganising a bit of your financial workings for the year 2010. Nonetheless, you accommodated the need – thank you! As we approach the festive seasons and on behalf of the kids you help feed – we want to wish you all at Feed SA and Funders /Sponsor a truly blessed and peaceful festive season. We are truly blessed indeed to have you supporting the food kitchen for needy kids of our area.

Father Fano