HomeAt FEED SA we believe that a chance at a better life begins with a full tummy, which is why we’re committed to feeding the hearts, minds and tummies of South African children who are forced to go to school on an empty stomach. We are a non-profit organisation whose main aim is to establish feeding programmes within townships.These feeding programmes are aimed at those who receive no other forms of funding whatsoever.We also implement the building and setting up of crèches (from the infrastructure to operations), teacher training and teaching curriculum.FEED SA works hands-on in the townships on a grass roots level, sourcing their beneficiaries through prominent and reliable contacts within the communities.In the interest of transparency, reports are given at the end of each month with the status of each beneficiary. 87% of the funds in the FEED SA account are used for the feeding programmes and other projects.HomeREG NO:
2000/04246/08NPO NO:
77015 PBO 930033678VAT NO:
4940257738Executive Director/Founder:
Candice Etberg

Executive Director:
Jo-Anne Tooch

Director/ Founder: (2000- 2009)
Lisa Jehoshafat Lowenthall

Robin Bayhack

Selwyn Nathan, Linda Twala

Damon Hoff, David Sack, Francis Janish, Lisa Jehoshafat Lowenthal


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Thanks AGAIN to Dis-Chem Foundation for your kindness and sharing the GOOD STUFF! Fresh, organic veges = BIG smiles and deliciousness !!! -  as we continue to feed hearts, minds and tummies ... more

JOLLY GOOD morning...

THANK YOU Digital Planet for the spectacular Christmas party yesterday morning for our kids at Snow White Crèche. You guys NEVER cease to amaze us with your time, energy, love and creativity that you put into every event/drive.  So much fun was had by all.... MUCH APPRECIATED ALWAYS x x x more

What ACTS of RANDOM KINDNESS are YOU doing every day?

What ACTS of RANDOM KINDNESS are YOU doing every day??? FEED SA is proud to have spent the day on Friday, with Change the World for Good - an AMAZING organization that encourages everyone to do an act of kindness everyday.. check out their page and do YOUR act --- every kind deed makes a beautiful change...    we had a tea for the grannies including dancing and fun... and we had music time with the kiddies from Takalani Day Care !! ACT ...more

Xmas hampers

We so far have raised enough money for 1 750 Xmas Hampers for the elderly, bed ridden and orphaned kiddies  PLEASE help us get to 4 000. Only R86 for one hamper, beautifully wrapped with 12 items... let's make it a JOLLY good one for all !!! more


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